Great ideas for licorice

At this years family reunion, Robb shared his experience with smoking as a child. Not having any brothers of his own, his older cousins realized that he would be gullible and took full advantage. One cousin talked him into smoking, by saying something very convincing, like, “Hey, we should smoke.” Then he rolled some tree bark into a piece of paper, lit it, pretended to smoke and handed it to Robb. Robb took a big drag on it and fell straight to the ground. Let’s just say, it was a rough smoke.

The offspring must have had smoking on the brain, because they “invented” this super cool game, in which you pretend your red vines are cigarettes. Robb and I joined in. What?! We like looking cool!

Smoking licorice gave me the brilliant idea to actually smoke licorice!  Why not make actual cigarettes taste like licorice? In fact, who cares about taste, just make them smell exactly like red vines. Do we have the technology for this? One can only hope.

Imagine… restaurants and airports could bring back smoking sections. Kids and teens would start smoking again. And, this is just a guess, I bet sales of red vines would rise. Think about it… all those non-smokers, smelling the licorice cigarettes, would have sudden cravings. It’s genius. I’m drafting a letter to Marlboro right now.

(I was recently informed that cigarettes that taste like licorice already exist.  But cigarettes that smell like licorice do not, so I still say the idea is mine.)

I must also take the opportunity to acknowledge another genius idea, this one from my daughter. In the midst of creating the licorice sucker, itself an amazing idea, she inadvertently created the liquor sucker. I mean, brilliant, right? Tell me that product wouldn’t sell by the dozens!


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