What does it all mean?

While driving to meet friends for dinner, Robb made us listen to talk radio.  Daytime talk radio is one thing, and nighttime talk radio is another, but there’s this weird spot between 4 pm and 7 pm that is almost like filler.  It’s weird.  And more importantly, boring.   Today’s program was about sad movies, and people were encouraged to call in and tell what movie made them cry, and what was the most sad of all horribly sad movies they had seen.

The replies were… well, ridiculous mostly.  I don’t think people know what sad means.  Apparently, The Champ was the saddest movie of all time.  I never saw it, so I can’t comment, but I did think of a couple other sad shows.  Steel Magnolias comes to mind, as well as Old Yeller and Titanic.

One caller suggested that Hotel Rwanda was the saddest show he had seen.  No it wasn’t, I thought.  It’s not sad, it’s horrifying.

Also suggested were Rudy and Hoosiers, which I believe both fall squarely under the category of inspirational.  Not sad.

One man jokingly mentioned Lord of the Rings, which did make me cry, but not in a sad way.  It was those tears you get when you yawn really big and have to prop your eyes open with your fingers.  Dear God, will this movie ever end?!

The point is that words should mean something.  Sad means sad.  Tears of joy are NOT sad.  Get it straight.

A recent acquaintance told me she thinks Pinterest is a better search engine than Google, because everything it pulls up is pretty.  So, I went to Pinterest and typed in “weird.”  I did find quite a few rather weird things, as well as sayings that include the word weird, but there were also some that could be much more accurately described as “disturbing.”  Take, for instance, these baby-head candles.

Little Joseph Candle Holder

Creepy.  Disturbing.  Wrong.  Weird does not begin to cover it.

I guess you can make anything into a candle these days.


A Candle That Doubles As an Ashtray Makes Smoking Less Stinky

But I digress…

When I typed in the word “sad,” I found even more pictures that would be more accurately described as creepy or disturbing, like this uber-creepy Chewbacca-cat-freak-of-nature:

And this cat…

… which has horns!  Once again… NOT sad, just wrong.

I also found this bizarre-oh picture:

and when I went to the website to check it out I found even more similar pictures of even creepier female faces.  They were titled, “Shockingly Beautiful Photography.”

Well, at least they got the “shocking” part right.


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