Stupid Picky Eaters

Lately I’ve taken to watching the Food Channel and the Cooking Channel during the day.  I rarely see anything I actually want to prepare myself, but last week I did.  The entire meal looked amazing!  I wrote down the recipes and made mental notes to buy a couple grocery items I needed to make the meal.  Last night was the day I finally had enough time and groceries to do it.

I placed on the table this amazing meal: chicken flautas with avocado dipping sauce, corn pudding, and lime soda.  The offspring were skeptical.  “Try it,” I ordered.  “You’ll like it.”  You’ll like it, or else!

First thing they tried: lime sodas, which is basically a lime-flavored and green-colored syrup topped with club soda.  I gave it a stir, but my syrup was too thick and just sank in a glob to the bottom.  It was gross.  They didn’t like it, and I didn’t blame them.

I had to force the corn pudding onto everyone’s plate, and once it got there, it never left.  No one ate it.  Well, it wasn’t amazing either, so I can’t be too upset about that.

The flautas, however, were really good!  They were spicy, made mostly of salsa and rotisserie chicken, then rolled in a flour tortilla and fried.  The avocado dipping sauce was also amazing.  Yes, amazing!  I made enough for everyone to have 2.   Offspring #1 ate about 2 bites of flauta, despite his telling me it was tasty and he liked the dipping sauce.  #2 ate a single flauta, sans sauce, but nothing else.  #3 ate basically nothing.  I think she may have taken a small bite of the flauta, but it’s impossible to know for sure without a microscope.  DH never bothered showing up for dinner, a possibility I was prepared for, but not prepared for how much it would irritate me.  I made him eat a flauta when he got home at midnight.  That’s the kind of wife I am.

Stinking picky eaters are always making my life difficult.  I will basically eat whatever is put in front of me, and then go searching for more.  But the offspring will take one bite, decide it’s too much onion for them, and not eat anything else the rest of the night.  In fairness, if they had told me they were hungry and asked for food, I would have told them they could eat their stinking flauta like a normal person!

And to top it all off, Jethro is still on a hunger strike.

In more paleo news, I have a new plan of attack.  Since breakfast is my nemesis, I will start there.  I will practice having a good paleo-friendly breakfast, and then skipping lunch.  That leaves only dinner to deal with, which I will probably do at a later time.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dacia
    May 13, 2011 @ 08:11:32

    It must be difficult dealing with picky eaters. I was a picky eater, possibly one of the worst ever. I don’t think I ate food until I was 8 years old. I was whiny and demanding and both my parents deserve purple hearts for not killing me. Now, I eat everything and anything which is ok as long as it is in moderation- where I struggle. I am sorry the kids didn’t eat the flautas especially after you did so much to prepare the meal for your family. Hopefully they grow out of it. Sorry about the soda and corn salad. I know it drives me crazy when recipes don’t turn out as planned.


  2. Jen
    May 13, 2011 @ 10:04:18

    I don’t know why I torture myself. It’s not like I actually believe they will enjoy a recipe that begins with chopping onions!


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