Broccoli for Breakfast

Breakfast has become my nemesis.  I can never find anything suitable.  I have given up eating cold cereal for breakfast, except on very rare occasions, but I have never found a good replacement.  First of all, I hate cooking in the morning.  Well, I’m not super fond of cooking at any time, but especially in the morning.  Second, if you don’t cook, you’re left with what?  Veggies for breakfast?  Ugh.

I have begun searching the paleo lifestyle recipes online.  I’m particularly interested in breakfast, since this seems to be the toughest one for me, and the one that sets the tone for the day.  Here are the breakfast options I have found so far:

1. eggs

2. omelet

3. eggs with veggies

4. crustless quiche

5. bacon (I love bacon, but don’t love cooking it.)

6. fruit

7. leftovers from last night’s dinner

8. a different kind of eggs

9. salad (seriously?)

10. more eggs

Why is it that breakfast food so often resemble cake?  Think about it… muffins, pancakes and syrup, cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting, french toast, even croissants are like eating pie crust with butter.  You know what else I really love?  Those breakfast muffin sandwiches from Carls Jr.  I tell myself it’s good because of the sausage and eggs, but oh!  Their fresh baked biscuits are sooo yummy!

This morning, I pulled out my leftover roasted broccoli and cauliflower, reheated in the microwave, covered in butter and myzithra, and ate it right from the container.  I love my cruciferous vegetables and all, but honestly, there is only so much cauliflower one person can eat.  And it’s not much.

I’m off to the grocery store (while hungry… it’s a bad sign).  Maybe I’ll buy some eggs.


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